75% of respondents reported avoiding spoilers as much as possible, and 42% of those respondents reported avoiding social media as a result

What is Spoiler Talk?

Spoiler Talk is a mobile app that allows users to discuss and share their thoughts and reactions about their favorite shows, movies, books and podcasts in a community with people without having to reveal spoilers on social media.

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Key Features

Why Spoiler Talk?

  • Stay connected with friends and family without spoiling the latest episode or movie on social media.
  • Easy-to-use interface allows you to quickly catch up on the latest discussions on your favorite shows and movies, and engage with other fans in real-time.
  • Create a community of like-minded people who enjoy engaging in the same content as you.

The Team

Charnelle Asante
Charnelle Asante

Charnelle Asante is an RN and entrepreneur based in Los Angeles. She has three years of hospital experience is now fully diving into the startup world.

Ajani Windsor-Areago
Ajani Windsor-Areago

Ajani Windsor-Areago is the Managing Partner at White Umbrella Ventures. Additionally, He has had 3 past jobs including Venture Partner at EXPERT DOJO.

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